Todd E. Gegerson, AP DOM, MSOM


Integrative Balance is a wellness program by Todd E. Gegerson, AP DOM, MSOM



Todd E. Gegerson, AP DOM, MSOM
Acupuncture Physician, Integrative Medical Practitioner

Todd E. Gegerson

Todd Gegerson is a Board Certified and Licensed Acupuncture Physician. He studied at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Professional Health Studies and a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine.

These studies include specialized training in acupuncture, Chinese and western herbs, nutritional therapy, cupping, moxibustion, and other modalities.

He received additional training from renowned physicians including Dr. Li-Chun Huang OMD in Advanced Auricular Acupuncture, Dr. Richard Tan OMD in the Meridian Balance Method and Dr. Bob Marshall PhD, DACBN in nutrition. Additionally, he has certification in Acupoint Injection Therapy and Homotoxicology as well as training in QRA and pulse diagnosis.

Todd ventured east and completed an internship in China at The Yantai Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital, where he was exposed to a complete understanding of Chinese healing and culture which is integrated into the practice.

Todd is from a long lineage of physicians and has been greatly influenced by three Uncles practicing medicine as well as his own Father in Miami, Fl. The medical journey began for the Gegerson’s with Dr. Harry Gegerson who started his career in New York making house calls and then he opened the Pearl River General Hospital in 1949. Todd has evolved in his role as a practitioner and enjoys taking a grassroots approach with integrative medicine – something that has been instilled in him throughout his life.



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